Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping for Christmas

Well, I started my Christmas shopping today. Yeah, I know it is late, but I have not really been in the mood. I went out today with my two oldest daughters. Our goal was to try to get as many gifts as possible and find two New Year's Eve dresses.

New Year's Eve dresses √

As many gifts as possible.......
Ok, that did not happen.
We just did not find everything easily. The christmas lists still have plenty on them!

This year I am trying to concentrate on just getting presents. You know what happens every year. You go to a store to pick up PJs for the kids but you end up with $50.00 of needless items in your cart. Last year, I bought blankets, sweaters, measuring spoon, hangers, 5 or 6 Christmas pins, and a bunch of other stuff. They were not presents, just things I thought I needed at the time.

Today I was good. The only extra purchase I made was this......

I have not purchased any Christmas decorations, besides lights, in the past two years, so this was due. He is so cute!! He is a night light and he is like a snow globe. As he heats, the glitter floats around in his cute little head! I love him!

Happy shopping to everyone!

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