Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 2009 Gingerbread House

My daughter Baylee started making gingerbread houses in elementary school and every year she works hard to make a house loaded with as much candy as possible! I guess I am a horrible mom because this is the first year I have actually taken a picture of her creation.

This house was made over the weekend and now that it is Thursday, a large chunk of the candy has been eaten off the house. Yes, that beautiful roof no longer has a chimney or colored decor! She makes them for fun but I think she has even more fun eating it.

This year she started out with the deluxe Wilton Gingerbread kit and I also bought her the Candy Trimmings kit and the display board. The trimmings kit has candy molds and chocolate. This added some nice features to the house.

I promise I will photograph these yummy masterpieces every year!!

Great job Baylee!! You are the best!!

Merry Christmas!

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