Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!

The question of the year...... Is it two-thousand ten or twenty-ten. I am not sure how I will say it!

I have been working this morning to pack away all of my Christmas decorations. What a chore! I really do not have many decorations but trying to pack everything up in the tubs is like a giant puzzle. They have to go in just the right place for everything to fit! Well at this point everything is in the basement awaiting their choice tub! Oh yeah, there is also that struggle of getting that tree back in its original box. Last year I sat on the box while wrapping the tape around the box and prayed it would not pop as I stood up!

Last night I started working on my January monthly menu so hopefully I will have it posted later today. Well I am off to get my pork and sauerkraut cooking!

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