Friday, September 3, 2010

Kiawah Island

In August we went to Kiawah Island South Carolina for our family vacation. It is a beautiful island with hard white beaches. We have been going to Kiawah, off and on, for 25 years and really enjoy every time we can get a beach vacation together.
The island has 30 miles of bike paths, a couple of look out towers, a park and a couple of golf courses. It is lush green with condos, houses and a 5 star hotel.

Since the ride from Ohio to South Carolina is around 12 to 13 hours, we decided this year to break up the ride and stop on the way there and the way back. Our first stop was Chimney Rock North Carolina. This was so neat. We stayed the night at the Mountain Lodge Conference Center in Flat Rock. I was extremely nice, we will stay there again.

Vista Rock was about halfway up the climb to Chimney Rock.
The views were fabulous.
This is TJ on Chimney Rock . We were in the Opera Box
and were able to take a picture across the mountain.

This was Lindsey, Baylee and myself in the Opera Box.

Hickory Nut Falls is about a 1 mile hike. It was pretty flat
and easy to walk.
When we arrived at Kiawah, this was our view. Terrible right?
We stayed at Windswept Villas
The beaches are hard so you can ride you bike on the beach!
This was in Charleston. The pineapple fountain was dry, but
we still had fun.
On our way back to the island we stopped at Angel Oak.
This is the oldest oak tree in the states.
This is one of the lookouts on the island. It looks out
over the marsh.

On our way home we stopped at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville North Carolina. It is a beautiful estate but it poured down rain non stop for 4 hours. We did not get to see everything and enjoy it as much as we should, but these lovely rain ponchos made the visit a little more bearable.

We waded in ankle deep water to the farm and enjoyed the animals.
We toured the estate and went through the museum.
The girls were amazed by all of the stories. We drove
through the gardens, it was too wet to walk.
The vacation was a really good time. We did get wet several times throughout the week,
but all in all, we did have more pretty days than rainy days so we did well!!

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