Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pig Roast 2010

We had our 4th annual pig roast last weekend and we had great weather! The planning started over 2 months ago with us going through our stock of supplies left over from last year, planning the date, and making the flyer. We were lucky that our supply bins are pretty full since last year's roast was on a pretty popular vacation week so our attendance was down. This year the guys decided to go with a later date so we would be out of those popular vacation weeks. The attendance was about the same as last year so it may not matter what date we pick for next year.

The supplies in the garage the night before.
This is the pig during the second basting. He was on the
roaster by nine and done by four.

This was the tshirt design for this year.
The girls and I always make a piggy dessert!
These turned out great this year!

The carving, pulling and chopping of the pig lasted 1 hour
with 5-6 people working constantly.

The line started around 5:00 pm. There were so many good
dishes brought by neighbors and friends!

We had five tables and chairs setup in the shade.

There were three more tables up by my neighbor's house and
people sat on his deck. There were also several games
setup in the yard!

Additional seating on our patio. At one point we
counted 100 people.

Thanks to all the sponser families. This roast could not have been such a success without you. Your help with gathering supplies, food prep, setup, and clean up was much appreciated. A special thanks to Dave Mangas for making a great basting sauce and keeping that pig basted all day!
I hope everyone enjoyed the 2010 Pig Roast and will come back next year!!

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