Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick and Easy Dessert - Strawberry Shortcake

I love this dessert because it is easy to make and you can be creative if you like.

Cut up strawberries (make sure to make at least two cuts on each berry) and sprinkle sugar over to coat every berry.  Let sit on counter for about an hour or place in refrigerator overnight. The result will be strawberries with a delicious sweet syrup. You can also do this with peaches!

Next cut angel food cake or a pound cake into the size chunks as you desire for your dessert. Place the cake on the plate or bowl, top with fruit and syrup, add another chunk of cake, then more fruit and top with whipped cream.

To be creative, you can add blueberries, bananas for raspberries to strawberries right before serving. If you use store bought cakes and Cool Whip, this dessert is so quick and simple along with delicious for your family or guests!


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